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PALS is a family-owned business that has been operating in the Valley for over 25 years. We are well known for our outstanding care and concern for others at their time of loss, as well as for the honesty and integrity with which we treat your beloved pet. At PALS, we understand that your pet is a member of the family, so whether you are currently facing the death of your companion or whether you are preparing for what lies ahead, an experienced member of staff is always available to answer your questions or concerns.

Why choose PALS? Because we care about you and your deceased loved one.

The loss of a beloved pet is not only tragic but disconcerting and overwhelming. It’s important to know and understand your options so that you can give your beloved pet a dignified and fitting farewell. Since there are multiple options available to you, please read below for complete information on each of these options


PET AND ANIMAL DISPOSAL: No cremation, no return

In accordance with local, state and federal guidelines, arrangements are made for placement in a landfill. Pets placed in a landfill are disposed of together and covered with soil as part of the landfill’s routine operations, not individually. It should be noted that, while this method may seem callous, the options available to veterinarians, shelters, the general public and businesses for pet disposal are becoming more limited and restricted. In an earlier era, there were far fewer pets in this country, and a lot more private land was available for pet burials. We also weren’t as concerned with pollution or protection and preservation of the environment as we are today.

Pros - For some pet owners, this is the most acceptable approach as they are comfortable with their pet’s burial in the landfill. Although there is a cost involved, disposal is still less costly than most other options. Some owners, particularly those with very large pets such as sheep and llamas, may see this as a sensible way to return their pets’ bodies to the earth.

Cons — While there are specific rules and regulations governing the disposal of human remains, most states have minimal laws applying to the disposal of pets. Landfills can be privately or publicly owned and operated and may or may not have a separate area for disposal of pet remains.



Cremains: Your pet’s body is reduced to mineral form by exposure to intense heat and returned to its elements. In this state, your pet’s remains are more properly termed “cremains”, (also known as ashes).

  • Group (Communal) Cremation: : Co-mingle cremation with NO return of cremains

    Group (Communal) Cremation is a commonly-used option, and a sensible one, as long as you are comfortable with your pet being cremated with other pets and you do not wish to have your pet’s cremains returned to you. Your pet’s body is co-mingled with those of several other pets. Communal cremains are disposed of in the landfill after the cremation process.

    Pros - The cost of communal cremation is relatively low compared with separate cremation.

    Cons — Since cremains are co-mingled, it will not be possible to separate one pet’s cremains from those of another, so you will never have access to your pet’s cremains, no matter how much you may wish to have them later.


  • Partitioned (Separated) Cremation: Separated cremation with return of cremains

    Partitioned (Separated) Cremation is done when the owner wants only the cremains of his or her own pet returned.  The pet’s remains are kept separate from those of other pets in the cremation chamber. The process is completed in one or two hours and results in a quantity of ash and fragments of bone, which are processed, reduced, and returned to the owner in a temporary or pre-purchased container or urn. Cremated remains are odorless and can be stored indefinitely, although the amount will vary depending on the pet’s overall body structure. Urns (permanent receptacles specially made to hold cremains) are available in a wide variety of styles, shapes, sizes and materials.

    Pros - You can choose to view your pet prior to the cremation and you can ask to be present while your pet is cremated. If you chose to make certain that the cremains returned to you belong to your pet, you can select to be present while your pet is cremated by choosing Witness Cremation. However, separate cremation offers you greater flexibility than any other option.
    For example, you can:
    • Have your pet’s cremains placed in a memorial container
    • Display your pet’s cremains a special place of honor.
    • Divide the pet’s cremains for other family members to help them maintain a bond with your pet.
    • Pick a place in the yard or in the country that holds special memories for you and your pet and bury or scatter the cremains there.
    • Keep your pet’s cremains in an urn of your choice at your home or in your office.
    • Arrangements can be made well in advance.

    Cons — Separate cremation is more expensive than communal cremation.


    • Rush: Next business day return (Monday -Thursday, holidays excluded)

      Method – Return of your pets individual cremation next business day (excluding holidays and weekends).

      Advantage – provides immediate attention of your pets cremation process. Whether you are traveling through our city or winter visiting this option allows you to have your pets cremains returned to you more rapidly than waiting for PALS unconditional 7 day return policy.

      Disadvantage - Additional fees apply


    • Same Day: Same-day return of your pet’s cremains (if time permits)

      Method – (If available) Your pet is brought directly to our facility for individual cremation and you can retrieve your pet’s cremains before the end of that same day.

      Advantage - You are able to deliver your pet to us and wait until the cremation process is complete, or return later that same day to retrieve your pet’s cremains. This allows you to take your pet with you that same day.

      Disadvantage – Additional fees apply


    • Private (Witness): Be present while your pet is the only pet being placed in the crematory and cremated

      Method - While your pet travels through the individual cremation process you are allowed to witness the actual process beginning to end.

      Advantage - Allows you to pay final tribute to your deceased pet and provides additional closure as to what actually is taking place as you and you alone follow along with our cremationist. This service offers additional reassurance this is really your pet.

      Disadvantage – The process is lengthy and additional fees apply




  • Engraved plates for urns

    Plates are made of solid brass with adhesive to attach them to the urn. Each plate allows up to 3 lines and a maximum of 24 characters per line.


  • Pet Tags for Urns or Key Chains

    PALS offers a variety of pet tags which are commonly used to display your pet’s name on or around the pet’s urn. Engraving on these tags can be adjusted to fit the necessary information. Tags can be engraved on both sides and the prices vary in cost, depending upon the number of letters engraved.

    • Fire Hydrant: Tag available in red (size 1.25 x 1.45)
    • Heart: Tag available in red (size 1.20 x 1.25)


  • Precious Paw Print

    While a photo of your pet is a wonderful keepsake, it is only one dimensional. Our easy-to-use kit allows you to create an impression of your pet’s paw that you can place on a desk, a shelf or anywhere in your home of office to keep them close to you at all times. All you have to do is make an impression of your pet’s paw in the non-toxic, air-drying putty supplied, let the putty dry overnight and you have a lasting memorial of your loving family pet.

    Your paw print marks the many milestones of happiness you and your pet shared. This kit also makes an excellent gift for any pet lover.


  • Urns, Pendants & Memorial Markers



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