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Eco-Friendly Pet Scattering / Planting Kit

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Product Description

This is a specially blended organic matter that will allow the cremation ash to become part of the environment in a safe and natural way. Cremation ash by itself is toxic to plant life and soil composition. The pH of cremation as is extremely high and the sodium content levels are toxic to any type of plant. Let Your Love Grow will do what soil and potting soil are not capable of doing on their own.

What size is right for me?

  • Planting a tree? Extra large kit works well
  • Planting a bush, perennial or small tree? Choose the large kit
  • Planting a large container for patio or indoor use? The medium kit is your answer
  • Planting a houseplant? Choose the small kit

What comes in a kit?

  • Each kit contains the following in our biodegradable container:
  • One poly bag containing the Let you Love Grow organic mixture with biodegradable Twist Tie
  • One empty compostable bag
  • One biodegradable measuring scoop
  • One additional Biodegradable Twist Tie
  • Mixing directions for either ground burial or pot or container plantings

Everything in the kit is environmentally friendly so you have no worries about harming the environment in any way. We recommend that after you blend the organic mixture and the cremated ashes that you add it into the soil.  And, because the container, scoop and bag are recyclable, you just throw them all into the recycle bin.

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