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PALS’ 13-Point Check System

What happens to my pet when I leave? How do I know I’m receiving my pet’s cremain’s back?

PALS has a checkpoint system and complete paper trail that follows your pet through our facility from beginning to end, ensuring you receive only your pet’s cremains. The process is as follows:

  1. When pet is brought into PALS’ facility, a service request form (“Invoice”) is completed with all necessary information such as: Pet’s name, weight, description, owner’s name, date, address, telephone number, service and urn choice. This Invoice follows your pet through the entire cremation process.

  2. Pet is placed in a Pet Storage Bag and labeled with orange ribbon showing date, pet’s name and owner’s last name.

  3. Information from Invoice is logged and recorded on PALS’ Acceptance Log.

  4. Invoice is stapled to Pet Storage Bag.

  5. Pet is brought directly to cremationist or pet is kept refrigerated/frozen until cremationist is ready.

  6. Date, pet name and owner’s last name are documented on Cremation Log at the time pet is placed in the crematory.

  7. Placement of pet in crematory is documented on outside of crematory with Invoice.

  8. Once cremation is complete, the pet is removed from the crematory and Invoice is attached to container with cremains.

  9. Cremated remains (cremains) are processed, packaged and an identification label is applied to urn or container.

  10. Invoice is attached to urn or container.

  11. The partitioned (separate) cremation is documented as complete on PALS’ Acceptance Log.

  12. Owner is called and informed pet’s cremains are ready to be picked up from PALS.

  13. The pet’s cremains are released to owner after signature is obtained on original invoice as “Received”.



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