October 2014 - PALS

Valley Fever In Dogs

Valley fever is a disease caused by the fungus Coccidioides Immitis. This fungus is found in the dirt in the desert southwest region of the United States. Arizona is in the center of this region. We all breathe in the fungal spores every day. Our dogs do as well. Most of the time, a body’s immune system takes care of this invasion. Occasionally, however, the body’s immune system cannot handle the infection either because it’s weakened or because it is … read more

Environmental Needs Of A Cat

Cats are wonderful, fun and unique creatures. They have needs that are very different from dogs and people. Understanding why cats behave the way they do can go a long way in enhancing the bond between you and your cat. Some things to keep in mind: – A cat needs a place where she can feel safe and secure. Where she can retreat to when she needs to feel protected or just wants to rest without being disturbed. Most cats … read more